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Roland FANTOM-6 Music Workstation Keyboard

This is a Roland - Fantom-6 - Music Synthesizer/Workstation Keyboard w/ 61 Keys! Local Pickup Only

From Roland:
"Roland Fantom is a new kind of creative hub for rapid production and expressive performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural and full of possibilities. The expandable sound engine delivers Roland's best electronic and acoustic sounds with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways. Fantom is built from premium materials with a purposeful design and the best keybeds Roland has ever made.

At every turn, Fantom fulfills the need to create. Its smooth, rapid workflow has no confusing modes, frustrating technical limits or trade-offs with sound quality. Fantom's creative process reflects how today's musicians work, with fluid composition tools, instantly recallable creative environments and deep computer integration. When the creative juices are flowing, there should be no barriers. With Fantom you won't compromise your sound or suffer workarounds due to outdated technical limits. Don't worry about what features work in which mode – Fantom is always in full-on creative mode and your workflow stays consistent, no matter what.

Make a scene:
When you're ready to create, so is Fantom – all it takes is a single touch. Your sounds, patterns and performance layouts are arranged into custom creative spaces called Scenes. A Scene can be an entire song, a section of a song or a starting point with your favorite sounds laid out just how you like. Scenes can be chained together and changed instantly with no gaps or glitches.

Everything, always:
You shouldn't have to wonder how many effects are available, or if you can change sounds seamlessly without limiting complex patches. With Fantom, you can focus on playing music, not rationing processing power, and with so much power under the hood you can run all 16 parts with all available effects simultaneously with full patch-remain for seamless transitions. It's like having the power of two complete Fantoms in one!

One engine, infinite possibilities:
Drawing on over four decades of genre-defining sounds, Fantom's expandable sound engine nails Roland's classic synths but pushes into new sonic territory as well. Custom behavior modeling chips power Fantom's core with smooth and precise control, loads of polyphony and full patch-remain. Fantom is part of an expandable platform, with new sounds and new possibilities coming.

Authentic, evocative sounds:
Fantom runs multiple synthesis technologies simultaneously for authentic acoustic and electronic sounds both modern and classic. You can also sample your own sounds and trigger up to 2GB worth of loops and one-shots from the pad matrix. There's a fully routable analog filter for extra warmth and grit, and you can even mix soft synths with Fantom's internal sounds.

Fantom has plenty of room for expansion with new sounds and new possibilities coming regularly, including a variety of virtual expansion boards available through Roland's Axial sound library website.

The piano is key:
Considered by many as the king of instruments, piano sits at the heart of the creative process for composers across a range of musical genres. Fantom uses Roland's V-Piano technology for pianos that don't just sound real, they feel real. Craft pianos that play and respond like their acoustic counterparts and match your personal taste.

Sonic superpowers:
Fantom's synth engine is based on partials. Each partial starts with a discrete synth voice complete with oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFO and effects. You can have up to four partials in a single tone, while a Scene can contain up to 16 tones for complex layers, splits and sequenced parts.

Low-frequency oscillators add movement to static sounds. More LFOs means more modulation possibilities and more ways to explore new ground. Fantom has two LFOs per partial and four partials per tone – since you can stack 16 tones, that's a staggering 128 LFOs per voice. Fantom's Step-LFOs have 16 steps of beat-synced automation with 35 curve choices per step. This creates long, evolving passages, modular-style animated textures and sounds with deeply intricate movement.

Player's paradise:
Fantoms have Roland's best keybeds ever, including the acclaimed PHA-50 on the 88-note model and a brand new semi-weighted action on the 61- and 76-note models. Each feels solid, precise and supremely playable with the expressive capabilities of aftertouch. Roland makes its own keyboards to exacting standards, each model an evolution of the previous generation.

High-res, hands-on control:
Fantom has plenty of knobs and sliders for intuitive and immediate control, with high-resolution control for buttery-smooth sweeps and fine adjustments. There's a dedicated synthesizer section with oscillator, filter and envelope controls, along with numerous buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing.

Go ahead, express yourself:
There are many ways to play expressively on keyboards. Some players like levers, some like wheels, some prefer pedals, while others prefer aftertouch. With Fantom, you can use any of them – or all of them. You can even connect USB controllers to any of Fantom's three USB device ports for enhanced expression.

Fantom is a complete musical composition platform that excels at fast creation and fluid arrangement. You have RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with piano roll editing and a grid for recording and launching clips. Use any or all, whenever you want.

From spark to fire:
Different musical genres need diverse production styles and specialized tools. You can create patterns on Fantom in a variety of ways including real- and step-time polyphonic sequencing or the TR-REC pattern sequencer – perfect for rhythmic parts – as used on Roland's iconic drum machines.

Clip-based sequencing:
A great way to build up a track is by arranging clips that contain musical patterns. Drums, basslines, pads and other patterns can be recorded into clips that you can trigger individually or in groups. It's a lightning-fast way to compose and ideal for triggering backing tracks during live performance.

TR-REC step sequencer:
The foundation of dance music is the step sequencer, specifically the 16-step TR-REC variety found on Roland drum machines like TR-808, TR-909 and the modern TR-8S. Fantom's onboard TR-REC sequencer is fully modernized with sub-steps for ratcheted parts, motion control for per-step automation and support for chords.

Computer expert:
Fantom doesn't just work with computers, it fully integrates. It's a high-quality 16×3 stereo audio interface and can control DAWs and plugins from its touchscreen. It can integrate soft synths into Scenes and even send parts composed on Fantom directly to your DAW.

Deep soft synth integration:
Customize your sound by integrating your plug-in software synthesizers with Fantom. Control Apple Logic, Garage Band and Mainstage, and adjust soft synth parameters right from Fantom's touchscreen. Mix and layer soft synths with Fantom's internal sounds and then route them through Fantom's analog filter section.

Dual CV/gate:
While Fantom provides enormous creative potential, you may also want to integrate analog synths or drum machines with your setup. Fantom has two sets of CV/gate outputs so you can sync tempo or play them from Fantom's keyboard or its many pattern sequencers.

Everything in its place:
Fantom is designed to propel the creative process and play beautifully. The placement of each control and how it interacts with the creative heart inside Fantom has been thoroughly considered with today's workflow in mind.

Built to last:
Fantom is made of tough metal with high-grade components throughout. Everything about it is sturdy and built to withstand the perils of live gigs and life on the road."

Manufacturer: Roland
Condition: New
Included from Manufacturer: Power cable
Analog/Digital: Digital
Number of Keys: 61
Weighted Keys: Semi-Weighted
Key Action: Semi-weighted with channel aftertouch
Aftertouch: Yes
Programs/Presets: Over 3,500 tones, Over 90 drum kits
Multitimbral: 16 parts
Effects: Chorus: 8 types; Reverb: 6 types; Multi-effects: 16 systems, 90 types; Insert effects: 2 systems, 90 types; Part EQ: 16 systems; Drum part comp: 6 systems; Master compressor; Master EQ; Mic input reverb: 6 types
Sequencer: MIDI tracks: 16 (internal/external); Group: 16; Pattern: 8 per track; Pattern length: 32 measures; Recording methods: realtime, step recording, TR-REC
Sampling: Format: 16-bit linear, 44.1/48kHz, WAV/AIFF import supported; Maximum polyphony: 8; Number of samples: 16 pads × 4 banks
Arpeggiator: Yes
MIDI" In, Out, Thru, USB
USB Port (to Host): MIDI, Audio, System Updates, File Transfer
USB Flash Drive Port (to Device): Program/Preset Storage
Audio Inputs: (2) mic/line 1/4" / XLR combo inputs
Audio Outputs: Dual stereo XLR balanced main output; Dual stereo: 1/4" output; Dual stereo: 1/4" SUB OUT 1 outputs; Dual stereo: 1/4" SUB OUT 2 outputs; (2) 1/4" analog filter outputs
Control Connections (4) 1/4" pedal inputs: HOLD, CTRL1, CTRL2, CTRL3
Onboard Controllers: 7" 800×400 backlit LCD color touchscreen; Pitch bend / modulation lever; 2) assignable buttons (S1/S2); (8) control knobs; (8) control sliders; (2) assignable wheels; (6) function knobs; (16) velocity-sensitive pads
Expansion: (2) 1/8" CV outputs usable with keyboard and/or sequencer; (2) 1/8" gate outputs usable with keyboard and/or sequencer
Width: 42.6875"
Depth: 15.875"
Height: 4.1875"
Product Weight: 33 lb 12 oz.
Unique Features: 16×3 stereo audio interface; Fully routable analog filter; Dual CV/gate outputs for integration with analog synthesizers and eurorack modular systems; Full patch-remain for seamless transitions; Extensive computer integration with Apple Logic, Mainstage and Garage Band; Clip-based sequencing for quick arrangements
USB device ports support USB controllers for enhanced expression


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