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Steel-String Acoustic Guitar Pickups

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Dean Markley Pro Mag Used


Fishman 3/32 Infinity Pickup


Fishman AG-094 Passive Undersaddle Pickup


Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle 3/32


Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle System


Fishman NEO-D Passive Soundhold Pickup


Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Passive Soundhole


Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Sound Hole Pickup


K&K Pure 12-String Pickup


K&K Pure Mini + Volume for Steel String Guitar


K&K Pure Mini for 12-String Guitar


K&K Pure Mini Pre Phase Bridge PU Steel String


k&k Ultra Pure Preamp w/Pure Mini Pickup


LR Baggs Anthem SL Tru-Mic System with Volume Control


LR Baggs Element Active System


LR Baggs Element Active System-VTC acoustic


Martin Gold Plus VTI Acoustic Pickup System


Martin Thinline Gold Plus VT2 Undersaddle Pickup




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