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Electro-Harmonix Effects

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EHX 360 Nano Looper Pedal


EHX 45000 Foot Controller Only


EHX B9 Organ Machine


EHX Bass 9 Machine


EHX Bass Big Muff Distortion Pedal


EHX Bass Mono Synth


EHX Bass Soul Food Pedal


EHX Big Muff Distortion Pedal


EHX Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker Pedal


EHX C9 Organ Machine


EHX Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi


EHX Deluxe Big Muff pi guitar


EHX Deluxe Memory Boy


EHX Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT w/ Tap Tempo


EHX Deluxe Memory Man Delay


EHX East River Drive Overdrive


EHX Freeze Sound Retainer


EHX Germanium 4 Big Muff


EHX Good Vibes Modulator pedal


EHX Grand Canyon Delay and Looper Pedal


EHX Green Russian Big Muff


EHX Holy Grail Max Reverb Pedal


EHX Holy Grail Nano Reverb Pedal


EHX Holy Grail Neo Reverb pedal


EHX Holy Grail Plus


EHX Little Big Muff Distortion Pedal


EHX Memory Boy Delay Pedal


EHX Memory Man w/ Hazarai Pedal


EHX Memory Toy Delay Pedal


EHX Mod 11 Modulator Pedal


EHX Mono Synth


EHX Nano Big Muff


EHX Ocatavix Octave Fuzz pedal


EHX OD Glove Pedal


EHX Op Amp Big Muff


EHX Random Tone Generator


EHX Russian Big Muff Pi Used


EHX Stereo Poly Phase


EHX Super Pulsar Tap Tremolo Pedal


EHX Switchblade Pro


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